About Us

IMRS was established in December 2003 and our first customer was Grove Crane (working on their machine tools). The company began with Darryle in 2003 and as of 2018 employs over 40 full time and part time employees. In 2005 we began doing work for FedEx. Both Grove and FedEx have seen the value of our services and continue to use us on a large scale. We currently service at least 10 different FedEx locations throughout the tri-state area as well as New York, New Jersey and we have about 10 employees who report directly to Grove for work on a daily basis. Our growth with our current loyal customers has prohibited us up to this point from growing with future/other potential customers. We are now in a position that the growth with those customers has tapered to the point of allowing us to diversify our services to other potential customers.